Meet UMA Vision, the best in flexibility for Workplace Desk Booking

Imagine being able to see your office in real-time, being able to see who has booked which desk, how occupied the office really is & if the person booking the resource is actually using this, this is now possible with Our UMA Vision Booking Solution.

Our UMA Vision Desk Booking Solution can be purchased either with or without sensors however should sensors be purchased you are guaranteed much better data as the resources light up yellow symbolizing a “No Show”
The sensors are installed under each desk & have a battery life between 3 – 5 years, these sensors communicate to a Gateway we also provide as part of the solution & the gateway can either utilise your existing network within the office or use a SIM module to send data to our Platform should you struggle to get authorisation for network clearance through your IT Department / CAB.

The slider shown at the top right of the image gives the facilities manager the ability to see past, current and future bookings when using the map, for more enhanced reporting this can be gathered via the Dashboard page, a small snippet of what data is available can be seen below.


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