Desk Booking & Hotelling

Reserve a place in your office using our easy to use booking solution

Plan your hybrid working week by choosing the days you want to come into the office or work remotely.

Desk Booking Map2

Visualise your office space

  • Find your colleagues or team on a map view to help you choose the best spot to work

  • Integrate with Office365 & Google Calendar

  • Choose when to come into the office based on capacity information

  • Label desks with useful information to help speed up booking

  • Navigate to your desk booking easily by using our mobile application

  • Use our AI Analytic engine to discover the most & least used desks

  • Discover which are your most busiest days within the office

Hybrid working Policies

  • Enable “Desk Release” to automatically cancel a desk booking if someone hasn’t checked in*

  • Assign “Fixed Desks” to members of staff or teams

  • Allow managers to book or cancel desk reservations on behalf of their team members

  • Enable “Half Day Bookings” to allow employees to book a morning or afternoon slot

  • Restrict how far in advance a desk booking can be made

  • Quickly identify which staff member has booked a space in case of emergency


Reporting and Utilisation

  • Understand real-time and future occupancy levels

  • Understand utilisation data based on desk usage on a floor, building or company wide

  • Extract contact tracing reports to determine where your employees sat on a specific date

  • Analyse booking reports to understand who is coming into the office and when

  • Download the data in CSV format if required to use the data as you please

Integrate Desk Sensors for true occupancy

  • Integrate easy to install wireless desk occupancy sensors to provide real time occupancy and understand employee no shows and away statuses

  • View and export utilisation data based on true desk occupancy

  • Make informed real estate decisions based on the most accurate data

  • Each desk sensor is wireless and has a battery life of 3+ years


Find a Team mate

  • Improved Communication: By being able to locate team members quickly and easily, employees can communicate more effectively, which can lead to improved productivity and efficiency.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: When team members are able to find and connect with each other more easily, collaboration and teamwork are improved.

  • Increased Safety: In emergency situations, being able to quickly locate team members can be crucial to ensuring their safety.

  • Optimised Workspace Utilization: By being able to see where team members are located in real-time, businesses can optimise the utilization of their workspace.

  • Privacy First: Choose to not share your location if you wish.

One of our UMA specialists is on hand ready to answer any questions you have