The transformational change in the workplace is happening to small and medium sized organisations as well as large enterprise and the benefits that UMA brings with its data-driven insight can help make all workplaces smarter.

UMA is helping organisations as large as the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK where space is at a premium.

Our customer base is diverse and includes Premier League Football teams, Accountants, Multi-national Financial Service firms and small Charities.

UMA’s competitive price point and ability to connect to equipment that is already in the workplace means that it is not cost-prohibitive and we have seen that a return on investment can be obtained regardless of the industry vertical or the size of company.

Find out about some of our customer stories below.

Premier League Football Club

  • UMA was engaged to support a Premier League Football Club with their return-to-workplace and hybrid working strategy

  • The Stadium and other Office floor maps were digitised, O365 calendar integrated and resources including desk and meeting spaces connected

  • ‘A solution was needed to manage desks and room bookings and ensure a flexible approach to Social Distancing. The UMA solution provided a user experience that allowed us to adjust those parameters using a simple slider bar on a digital floormaps to define desks which should be considered as non bookable.’ IT Project Lead



  • UMA was adopted by the NHS Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust to help them understand occupancy and utilisation across their estate.

  • Space is at a premium in the NHS and this Trust required an understanding of the utilisation of their workspace

  • UMA deployed their software-as-a service and integrated real-time privacy-first occupancy sensors to deliver rich data insight



  • UMA digitises the Alzheimer Los Angeles workplace with an interactive floormaps allowing them  to view, book and manage desk and meeting room resources in both the mobile and web applications

  • UMA helped to support the new flexible workplace strategy including hot design with a simple to use web and mobile application ensured business continuity and a good employee user experience



  • London and Partners implemented hot-desking after their headquarters relocation following the pandemic and needed a solution to help.

  • UMA digitised their floormap and made it easy for employees to check real-time and future availability and book via the Map UI or mobile application

  • L&Ps Administrators and Workplace Champions are able to clearly see workplace occupancy and deliver insight through utilisation reporting to adapt to the changing needs of the workforce.


  • BHP Chartered Accountants is one of the largest independent firms of chartered accountants in the North of England.

  • BHP selected UMA to help them manage their transition to hotdesking from a traditional fixed desk workplace and support them with improving their meeting culture through the improvement of the meeting room booking process.

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