UMA is an open-platform and we integrate with both enterprise software and workplace hardware.

By seamlessly connecting to your workplace calendar, business chat services and video collaboration tools UMA can deliver powerful user applications and data driven insight.

UMA partner with best-in-class audio-visual device manufacturers and connect to internet-of-things sensors to deliver analytics and power automated user experiences.

From UMA’s single pane-of-glass your workplace technology devices can be easily monitored and managed.

Software Integrations


UMA seamlessly integrates into your workplace calendar, connecting all your bookable resources, locations and company employee emails

UMA connects to Microsoft Office365, Google Workplace (formerly G-Suite) and other 3rd Party calendar software

Any resources booked or managed through UMA are instantly updated in your workplace calendar

Bookable resources can be easily added and removed from UMA to adapt to changing requirements

“Connecting UMA Vision to our Office365 environment was super easy meaning I did not need to interact with my outsourced IT Team!”

Collaboration Software

Download and use UMA’s natural language chatbot in Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams

UMA’s chatbot allows one button selection and shows users the resource location in a floopmap snapshot

UMA chatbots will also be available for Slack and Workplace by Facebook.

Video Calling Integration

Add your own personal video calling details to a meeting invite.

Supporting Cisco Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you can create video meetings by simply tapping on the icon of your chosen video vendor when scheduling a meeting.


Device Management

UMA allows you to connect and manage your existing and new workplace technology

Out-of-the-box support for Display Panels and multiple IoT sensor integrations to allow quick and easy set up to see the data analytics immediately.

In addition to native integrations with Jabra and Cisco Webex UMA’s on-premise ‘ device collector’ monitors and manages the majority of network connected devices including audio visual, video conferencing, printers, servers and switches.

Cisco WebEx

UMA are Cisco WebEx Solution partners.

Native integrations with Cisco Webex end-points allows UMA to monitor and manage Cisco video conferencing technology and pull valuable occupancy and environmental data into the dashboard.

Find out more about our UMA + Cisco solutions below.

Cisco Webex Navigator

UMAs Display panel web application now works seamlessly with the Cisco WebEx Navigator.


UMA have partnered with leading audio-visual technology specialists Jabra.

Jabra Panacast devices can now be monitored and managed by UMA.

The Jabra + UMA solution enables the Panacast cameras to accurately people-count, providing valuable occupancy and utilisation data metrics.


Workplace productivity is directly affected by poor indoor air quality and infection transmission is also linked to the quality of particulate matter in the office.

Wireless environmental sensors measure temperature, humidity and Co2 levels.

Understand how healthy your building is over time and maintain employee wellness by visualising environmental data on displays around the office.

Connect to your audio-visual devices to pull temperature, humidity and noise pollution data to understand the quality of the work environments from your existing technology investments.

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