With Hybrid working something we believe is here to stay it is important for business leaders to truly understand the total occupancy of office spaces to allow for better insights into real estate decisions.

We are finding that many of our clients who are using UMA Vision to gain better insights are making massive office changes within only a few months of using the service, how do we know this? Clients are required to provide us with an initial floorplan & any structural changes to the building must be edited by us, our digital team are very busy ensuring our AI engine that scales these changes are done correctly before publishing the updated floor plan to the client’s instance of UMA Vision.

Giving the client the ability to change these will be released soon.

Desk Booking Overview

By navigating to the UMA Vision Platform no matter if you are an administrator or user of the platform you have the ability to see the office from a birdseye view, the user then can hover over each resource to see which user has booked the desk & if available book the resource from the Platform & receive notification within your Outlook & calendar.

Users also have the ability to use the date & time picker to see how busy the office will be Thursday next week for example.

Whilst your users enjoy the ability to book desks & meeting rooms remotely using the map view our system is collecting this information within the background to provide you with valuable insights into how the office is being utilised. You can either download this information from our system or request we send monthly reports to specified contacts.

Desk Booking

What’s the cost?

Our pricing model is simple, we do not charge per user we charge per resource so for example if you had 1000 users within your org but only wanted to monitor a bank of 100 desks you would be simply charged for 100 desk booking licences & an annual fee per map, all 1000 users would be able to log in and book available resources.

Why not head over here & add the required number of licences to the cart to work out what your annual cost would be to utilise UMA Vision within your organisation & if you have any questions at all please feel free to email [email protected] or reach out to us via our online chat function on our website here