Rachel Swann CEO

After UMA received its first-round investment from Finance Yorkshire’s seedcorn fund in February 2022, Stephen Milner (UMA founder) wanted to ensure that UMA continues on its trajectory of growth by developing and expanding the team’s core skillset; Stephen was introduced to Rachel Swann and rapidly became of the view that Rachel’s previous experiences would be a perfect fit for the role of CEO, joining the team to take UMA to the next level.

This in turn frees Stephen to take on the reigns of Strategy and Technology (his true passion!) as Chief Strategy Officer so together they can enable UMA’s continued growth and success, focusing on the ever-growing market requirement for true workplace management solutions with real insight and actual data to work from, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about the best and safe usage of space.

Rachel has been involved in technology and Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses for over 20 years, in both commercial and leadership roles. She has a proven record in growing SaaS companies across
a combination of managed and true SaaS models, always ensuring there’s a key focus on the end-user, great programming, AI and machine learning.

Most recently, Rachel was CEO at an e-commerce personalisation SaaS business where she ensured commercial success and developed a thriving platform and business. Prior to that, Rachel was involved
in FMCG, loyalty schemes, online betting, gaming and casual dining, amongst other sectors. She has worked with PE and VC-backed companies, SMEs, corporates and blue-chip organisations.

Welcome Rachel! UMA is ready for the “infinity and beyond!”