How easy it is to set up UMA Vision within your organisation?

We get asked this question regularly!
UMA Vision was built with the aim to make it as easy as possible for the IT Department to bring our Platform into your existing Office365 environment & for facilities to continue with the setup of bookable meeting resources such as desks, meeting rooms, lockers, car parking spaces etc.

Depending on if your organisation is using Cisco WebEx and plan to integrate this with UMA Vision to utilise existing in-room meeting technology for people count, room release etc the maximum number of steps to link both Office365 and Cisco WebEx is no more than 6 steps combined for both Platforms.

When an Organisation purchases UMA Vision our system sends an automated welcome email containing the 6 easy steps for onboarding.

Below shows how easy it really is to connect your Office365 environment.

A user account in Office365 with Global Administrator privileges is required for these steps & once completed other users will be able to login using their SSO Office365 credentials to access UMA Vision.

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