UMA hybrid workplace software applications now available on the Webex Room Navigator

31 March 2022 | London | Florida

Last week Cisco announced a series of exciting new Webex innovations at Enterprise Connect, the leading conference for enterprise communications and collaboration in Florida that brings together the industry’s leading vendors, analysts and consultants.

With many businesses seeing a return of employees to the office and the adaptation to new hybrid workplace practices, the need for the right technology in place to support workplace strategy is more critical than ever.

Arnaud Caigniet leads the Webex Intelligence Workplace initiative at Cisco, a new solution that addresses the needs of modern facilities and conjugates it with collaboration tools along with Subbu Subramanian,  Product Manager in the Webex Collaboration technology group working on the next generation devices commented on the Cisco blog

‘As businesses are planning their transition back to the office, workplace resources, HR, and IT teams are under pressure across the board to upgrade and adapt their office spaces to empower hybrid workers. Enabling more meaningful collaboration and hassle-free workplace journey requires more seamless, consistent experiences that can help make those in-office moments really count.’


“The right workplace strategy requires the right technology choices. With today’s office blending virtual and physical spaces, people need access to the tools that result in high-quality collaboration experiences, create engagement and improve productivity.’

The new challenges brought about by hybrid working specifically with respect to space utilisation require solutions that acknowledge the new blend of digital and physical collaboration that takes place day to day.

Technology such as meeting room displays and the software that underpins them can remove the friction points for employees trying to find and schedule space quickly and provide key information such as occupancy or environmental metrics, helping to keep the workplace moving, healthier and more productive.

The Webex Room Navigator brings ease and convenience into modern workspaces by providing instant access to conference controls, smart room booking, and room controls and now allows the use UMAs best-of-breed hybrid workspace software with seamless integration with Webex Room Device hardware with UMA’s persistent web app.

Organisations now have freedom of choice to use UMA, providing a consistent experience for end-users that are already using UMA resource scheduling software and allowing them to get even more value from their Webex hardware investment.

The UMA and Webex Room Device partnership brings new capabilities onto the Webex Room Navigator and builds on the existing UMA integrations with Webex endpoints allowing you to manage devices from UMA’s single-pane-of-glass dashboard and pull important occupancy and environmental data points into UMA Vision dashboard to help inform employees and provide utilisation and environmental quality analytics to empower organisations to adapt to the changes in the workforce needs.

Stephen Milner, Founder and CEO of UMA said ‘ We are proud of our ongoing partnership with the Webex Device team and excited to be able to announce that our web application is now available on the fantastic Webex Room Navigator, combining Cisco’s leafing collaboration hardware with UMA’s hybrid workplace software will help businesses to provide better user experiences with technology designed for the demands of the modern workplace.’

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