we have launched a number of new features in UMA version 2.0 available from July 2021

Desk Check-in button

Users can now check-in to their desk booking on their UMA mobile application or on the web view up to an hour before their booking starts.

Administrators can apply a release setting, allowing desk bookings to be cancelled if a user hasn’t checked in after a selected period.

This releases the resource in UMA and Office365 to be made available for other users to book and provides a cost-effective alternative to using an UMA IoT desk-sensor to manage resources.

This feature is dependant on application access being enabled.

Covid-19 Contact Trace Report (web only)

Administrators using UMA can now create a Trace Report in PDF or .CSV format for any user which will determine who they’ve been in contact with on specific date ranges.

This feature is based on check-in data for meeting rooms and desks and is available on if you have application access enabled.

Resource Description

Administrators can now enter a description for a resource on our digital floorplan, such as a Desk, Room, Car Parking space.

The description will appear when a user clicks on the resource on the map view.

This allows Administrators to add useful information about the resource to designate it to a particular department or to list available equipment in the room or on the desk or in the car of a car park space to let users know useful information such as Electric Vehicle charging types.

My Bookings

Users can now manage all their own bookings from within UMA.

UMA will pull their entire booking information from the Office365 calendar and display them in simple to understand working-week view, allowing updates or cancellation of bookings.

Users can view this on both the web dashboard and their mobile application.

This feature is available only if application access is enabled.

‘Manager’ Role

The addition of a Manager role enables a designated user to be able to manage other users desk bookings and if toggled on, the manager will be able to add or delete other users.

Manage other Users Bookings

Users with the ‘Manager’ or ‘Administrator’ role are now able to manage other users’ desk bookings. This will enable them to book or cancel desk bookings on behalf of another user.

This feature is dependant on application access being enabled.

Booking threshold

Administrators are now able to set a threshold setting to restrict users from booking desks too far in advance.

This prevents bookings from being made too far in advance and also ensures that common resource booking errors made or the incorrect month or even year can be avoided.

Floor Map Updates (web only)

We have added a new Date and Time picker to the floor map with updated utilisation charts.

This provides the ability for a user to see who has booked a desk simply by hovering or clicking on the resource this is really useful to understand where your colleagues are sat on a given time or date.

To see who has booked a resource is dependant on application access being enabled.

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