UMA Book allows you to book and manage meeting spaces, hotdesks, car park spaces and any other workplace resources in seconds through a web interface, chatbot, mobile application and even using your voice.

UMA easily integrates to your workplace calendar and is designed to provide simple, quick, user-friendly means to book and manage your workplace resources.

UMA uses the booking data to provide business intelligence and actionable insight to help manage and adapt your workplace.

Uma Book Integrations


  • UMA seamlessly integrates into your workplace calendar, connecting all your bookable resources, locations and company employee emails

  • UMA connects to Microsoft Office365, Google Workplace (formerly G-Suite) and other 3rd Party calendar software

  • Any resources booked or managed through UMA are instantly updated in your workplace calendar

  • Bookable resources can be easily added and removed from UMA to adapt to changing requirements

Mobile Application

  • The UMA mobile application for IOS and Android allows manage your resource bookings using a natural language chatbot

  • Use the microphone button to use your voice to instruct UMA and UMA will respond with text and voice and showing information about the booking on a digital map.

  • The UMA chatbook enables the ability to perform a ‘quick book’ allowing users to book a desk or room in a matter of seconds.

  • UMA is Enterprise grade and users must authenticate when logging into the app and accessing enterprise booking information and UMA is privacy-first requiring the microphone button to be pressed before UMA listens for instruction.

Uma Book Digital Assistant
Uma Book - Book via Floor Map

Book VIA Floor Map

  • UMA digitises your workplace floormaps and makes them available to view in both the mobile and web applications

  • Resources can be clearly viewed and availability is shown with simple colour coding.

  • A date picker allows you to see historical and future resource utilisation and availability

  • 3D view of the workplace enables a vitual tour of the workplace and valuable tool to assist with spaceplanning and workplace re-configuration

  • Resources can be labelled for particular departments and asset descriptions detail technology or equipment specific to resource

  • Social distancing slider can apply 0-3 meter rule and reduce available resources available for booking based on the set parameters.

Download UMA BOOK

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store

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Chat Bot

  • UMA’s natural language chatbot is also availble on Business Chat Services

  • Download and use the UMA Chatbot in Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams

  • UMA’s chatbot allows one button selection and shows resource location with a floopmap view

  • UMA will also soon be available for Slack and Workplace by Facebook.



  • Display meeting booking information on a clear simple purpose-built touch display

  • Available on iPad OS and Android, Display Panels work out-of-the-box, pairing to the UMA platform and integrating seamlessly with your workplace calendar

  • Display panels can show digital brand imagery and custom corporate logos

  • LED light-bars show room availability clearly from a distance

  • Display key sensor data such as occupancy, environmental and comfort information

Uma Book - Smart Panels
My Bookings

MY Bookings

  • UMA Book enables you to see all of your future room, desk and resource booking information for the week ahead

  • Cleasly view upcoming hotdesks, meetings, locations and meeting attendees on on Mobile and Web

  • Book, Edit and delete bookings

  • Check-in to meetings with a ‘check-in’ button for improved reporting and to enable resources to be released for other users to book in the event of a no-show

  • Administrator and Manager login heirachy enables assistants or managers to book and manage on behalf of colleagues

Booking Analytics

  • UMA’s dashboard interface provides rich analytics on utilisation both historical and real-time data

  • Multiple graphs show utilisation metrics based on date range and demand

  • UMA provides actionable insight from this data with respect to resource booking that can empower facilities team with information to adapt the workplace based on workforce needs

  • Generate reports on no-show data to improve resource booking culture

  • Booking and Check-in data can underpin custom reports such as Contact Tracing

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