Room & Space Booking

Easily book a collaborative space for you and your team mates

Sync your work calendar with UMA and quickly reserve a space from our web, signage, chat or mobile application

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Book on the go, seamlessly

  • Assign meeting rooms to a 2D or 3D map to quickly understand availability

  • UMA digitises your workplace floor map & makes them available to view in both the mobile and web application

  • Integrate with Office365 or Google Calendar

  • Choose to book from the web, signage, chat and mobile applications

  • Label rooms with capacity, equipment or capability information

  • Manage your meetings from one centralised place

  • Book a meeting using our built in Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams App

Conference room display

  • Available natively on Android and works with any web browser using our WebApp

  • Display meeting booking information on a clear simple purpose-built touch display

  • Display panels work out-of-the-box, pairing to the UMA platform and integrating seamlessly with your workplace calendar

  • Brand your meeting room display with your company logo and colour palette

  • LED light-bars show room availability clearly from a distance
  • Display key sensor data such as occupancy, environmental and comfort information
  • Book on the spot using your own Office 365 or Google account
Booking Panels

Reporting and Utilisation

  • Rich analytics on utilisation data, both historical and real-time

  • Multiple graph options show utilisation metrics based on date range and demand

  • Generate reports on no-show data to improve resource scheduling culture

  • Download your data in a CSV format so you can choose how you would like to manipulate the data

  • Compare the average occupancy vs capacity of a room over time


  • Integrate with Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or Zoom to quickly add in your personal dial in details to any meeting

  • Allow a meeting room to be booked automatically by just walking in and letting the camera or sensor do all the work
  • Integrate video conferencing cameras such as Cisco Webex or Jabra Panacast alongside IoT devices to provide occupancy and environmental insights into how your meeting rooms are being used
  • Cancel meetings automatically when no occupancy is detected by camera or sensor data
  • Integrate with Outlook or Google Calendar to show your meeting room bookings in your calendar
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