Resource Scheduling

With UMA you can easily schedule and manage meeting spaces, lecture halls, desks, hotdesks, parking spaces, lockers, bike-racks and any other workplace resources in seconds, using a web interface, mobile app, chatbot and even using your voice.

By integrating into your digital work calendar, UMA provides simple, quick, incredibly user-friendly ways to book and manage workplace resources.

UMA uses the data to provide business intelligence and actionable insight to help manage the workplace, be it a university, an office or a hospital.

Calendar integration

  • Connect your workplace calendar, including all your bookable resources, locations and company employees

  • Connect to Microsoft Office365, Google Workplace and 3rd Party calendar software

Meeting Rooms

Mobile Apps

  • Supporting IOS and Android

  • Chatbot, voice and digital map user interface options

  • ‘Quick book’ feature for speedy scheduling

  • Privacy-first requiring single-sign-on and microphone button activation

Book via Floormap

  • Digital floormaps on web or mobile

  • Clearly view real-time resource availability

  • Date-picker to see historical and future resource utilisation and availability.

  • 3D view of the workplace enables a virtual tour of the workplace and valuable tool to assist with space planning and workplace re-configuration.

  • Label resources with department, asset descriptions or technical spec

Download UMA BOOK

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store

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  • Chatbot is also available on Microsoft Teams and Webex Teams

  • Designed for one-button selection

  • Shows resource selection in a digital floormap view

Display Panels

  • Meeting booking information on a clear, simple purpose-built touch display

  • Supporting iPad OS and Android, Display Panels work out-of-the-box when paired to UMA platform

  • LED light-bars show room availability clearly from a distance

  • Display occupancy, environmental and comfort information

Uma Book - Smart Panels
My Bookings

My Bookings

  • See all of your future room, desk and resource booking information for the week ahead

  • View upcoming hotdesks, meetings, locations and meeting attendees on on Mobile and Web

  • Book, edit and delete bookings

  • ‘Check-in’ button for improved reporting, enabling resources to be released in the event of a no-show

  • Login hierarchy for assistants or managers to manage on behalf of colleagues

Booking Analytics

  • Rich analytics on utilisation data, both historical and real-time

  • Multiple graph options show utilisation metrics based on date range and demand

  • Generate reports on no-show data to improve resource scheduling culture

  • Data powers custom reports such as Contact Tracing

Uma Book Occupancy

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