Vision (1 Year Subscription)

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(6 customer reviews)

UMA Vision is our Core Platform providing resource scheduling, analytics & reporting, people count, desk booking & visitor management.

Please select the number of devices you plan to add to UMA Vision below.
Visitor Management is FREE for new & existing users, no licence is required for this feature.

Should hardware such as IoT Sensors, People count technology, under desk sensors etc be required these can be purchased through our authorised resellers. Please add this requirement to the additional information tab after selecting checkout & one of our team will contact you.

Microsoft Office365 or Google Workspace is required & you will be asked for these details during the checkout process.

£144.00 Ex. VAT
£18.00 Ex. VAT
£18.00 Ex. VAT
£349.00 Ex. VAT
£18.00 Ex. VAT


UMA connects your workplace calendar, collaboration software and workplace technology to drive actionable data insight and better employee experiences.

After Purchase: Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive an automated email containing 6 easy steps to allow you to integrate UMA Vision with your platform.

If you have selected to purchase floor maps during the Checkout process, one of our team will be in touch to obtain the floor map & discuss any additional requirements you may have prior to digitisation & integration within your instance of UMA Vision.

Supported file formats: JPEG, PNG, PDF

Please note: Any structural changes to floor maps after initial digitisation will be subject to additional charges.

6 reviews for Vision (1 Year Subscription)

  1. Marc Lister

    The ease of use of UMA has made it a great addition to our office life. The UMA team are open to hearing suggestions on the product and are helpful when it comes to any issues. Customer support is great and the software itself is easy to use.

  2. Lewis Howarth

    As a user, UMA Vision allows me to easily book desks and meeting rooms with little effort. I get to make sure I have booked 1 of the limited amount of hotdesks we have within our business, meaning I can always make sure I have access to a desk before I arrive. As an administrator of the software, Vision allows me to keep track of the analytics for all our offices globally. It helps me troubleshoot problems with the sensors by telling me which devices are offline, the most used resource, and much more useful info. In my job I need to test a lot of different software that we sell. I have used some that are very similar to UMA and setting them up is always a big annoyance. Adding resources and users to Vision is as easy as you think it would be, just a few button presses and you’re good to go. Vision helped us a lot during the lockdown, and it continues to help us as people make their way back into the office. We get to see how busy our offices are around the globe and it gives us a good insight into what days are the busiest. This helps me as I need to be in the office when others are, before UMA I would go in and be on my own, however now I can see in advance when I will be needed.

  3. Nicole Smith

    Easy to use, the floor map especially is really cool. It allows a user to view which hot desks are free and which meeting rooms are available, then you can click on the desk/room and book it.

  4. Phill Williams

    The ease of use, and nice design. The map shows you the desks that are available to book and if someone is occupying any of the other desks

  5. William Thomas

    Having multiple teams working disparately in recent times this give our organisation the ability to put the employee in control of booking meeting rooms and desks – simply without any training needed.

  6. Isabel J

    Being able to report on resource usage and numbers in the office down to small detail is a huge positive for us, especially when monitoring office numbers to ensure safe distancing. The experience with UMA has been an extremely smooth one. The team are particularly helpful and we are looking forward to working with them.

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