uma licencing

We believe in letting you choose how you allocate resources within your organisation using Vision.
Making our pricing as easy as possible we start by giving you Vision, our industry-leading analytics tool, as your foundation

Simply choose your options below based on our flexible licencing structure. If there is something you are not sure about, get in contact by using our In-built website bot at the bottom right of your browser, and one of our team will be happy to help.

Meeting Rooms
Monthly (per Meeting Room)
Find and book meeting rooms using our web and mobile application
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Monthly (per Desk)
Create and manage hot desks for your employees to book
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Car Parking
Monthly (per Parking Space)
Enable bookable parking spaces for your organisation
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Other Resources
Monthly (per Other Resource)
Any other resource that can be booked such as a locker or pool car
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workspace floor maps

Provide us with scaled floor maps of each building & our system will ingest this data & provide you & your users the ability to book meeting spaces by clicking the bookable resource.
Users are able to hover over each desk to see who has booked which resource & administrators of UMA Vision have the ability to take resources out of action to prevent users booking them.

Do you have multiple offices & would like your staff to familiarise themselves with the office they are due to attend for safety reasons & to ensure meetings are not attended late as users spend the first 15 minutes of the meeting finding the room, both our 2D and 3D maps can help with this, employees also have the ability to virtually walk within a building by clicking in an area when in 3D mode.

  • UMA-Maps
  • UMA-Floormaps
  • MeetingRoom-Booking
  • 3d-map-image-office
Floor Maps
Annual (per Floor Map)
Digitise your office into a 2D and 3D model with our floor map engine
Submit a PDF, JPG or PNG version of your floor plan and we’ll digitally convert it to 2D and 3D within 48 hours
Align your virtual space with your physical space to allow employees to book space simply, by selecting an area of the map
Digitise floor plans of buildings before they’re even built, to visualise and help optimise space
Display a 2D version of your floor in reception to allow ad hoc booking and showcase live availability of desks and meeting rooms
Display a 3D version of your building on any browser or screen to understand the structure of your building
Showcase 3D walkthroughs of your office to new employees or contractors to help them understand areas of your building
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device monitoring

Discover, monitor & manage network devices using available APIs. Devices without APIs available can also be monitored using SNMP or basic ICMP to check for online presence. Live and historic data is available through our UMA Device Monitoring Platform.

  • UMA Device Monitoring
Device Management
Monthly (per Device)
Deploy an on premise ‘device collector’ to monitor network devices
Discover, monitor and manage network devices for root cause analysis including performance, utilisation or configuration issues.
Correlate events based on cross-technology infrastructure topology. Device example - Meraki AP, TV (Samsung/LG), IoT Sensor, AV Peripherals, Poly Video Codecs, X30/X50; Cisco Switch; Meraki Controller. Networking Switches.
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The term Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, refers to the air quality in and around the workplace. Indoor air pollution can negatively affect Indoor Air Quality and can lead to immediate and long-term effects on a person’s health and wellbeing.

As the workplaces become increasingly well sealed, it may seem like we are shutting pollution out. But research shows that we are actually shutting pollutants in. We now spend 90% of our time indoors, breathing potentially dirty air. Our research suggests that the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) are rising in the Workplace.

Understanding the sources of indoor air pollution and how they relate to the overall Indoor Air Quality can help improve living and working environments and potentially benefit your overall health.

    Deploy easy to install wireless environmental sensors around your building to measure air quality, temperature, humidity and Co2 levels.
    Understand how healthy your building is over time to allow actionable insight to meet net zero targets.
    Keep employee wellness at the forefront of your business by visualising environmental data on displays around the office.
    Increase employee productivity by using environmental metrics to make data driven decisions on improving air quality in your building.
    Empower employees to choose an area of the building to work in based on their temperature preference.
    Utilise environmental sensors to understand how susceptible your building is for spreading airborne viruses.
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