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In the Podcast Marcus and Stephen explore with Kane, not just UMA and its benefits but also discuss how voice-powered platforms are becoming very pervasive and are not just useful for consumers, but have beneficial applications for business as well.

Prior to the end of last year, Ammi Systems CEO Stephen Milner and CTO Marcus Finley joined Kane Simms on his VUX world podcast. The VUX world podcast has become renowned for its insights into the world of digital voice technology and has featured a number of high-profile individuals within this space.

UMA specializes in integrating digital voice services into large Enterprises. Often the path to onboarding these services can be both challenging and confusing. Ammi works to discover the beneficial application of AI within an organization and helps to drive adoption and in turn, return on investment.

Ammi’s signature product is UMA, a conversational AI platform that unites all of the platforms within a business and allows users to interact with them under one voice and text-powered interface. With UMA you can: create a support ticket, book a hotel, or indeed reserve a meeting space.