How can I monitor any IT or AV hardware in my office?2021-07-09T08:25:00+01:00

Booking panel and sensor hardware can be monitored as standard when purchased. To monitor other audiovisual or IT hardware requires additional licencing but we’ll work with you to understand your requirements.

How does the desk sensor work?2021-07-09T08:40:13+01:00

The desk sensor is installed underneath the desk and detects movement and body heat. These sensors work at 100% accuracy and do not detect people walking past the desk.

How are the UMA booking panels powered?2021-07-09T08:37:22+01:00

The UMA booking panel can be powered via PoE or standard mains power.

What types of sensors are used to monitor occupancy and environmental data in my office?2021-07-09T08:39:24+01:00

We integrate with EnOcean and LoRaWAN sensors to provide the most cost effective and scalable solution for our customers.

Do you have an on premise version?2021-07-09T08:27:25+01:00

UMA is a cloud only solution but we do have a solution for monitoring on premise devices.

Does UMA sync with Outlook?2021-07-09T08:20:55+01:00

Yes, UMA syncs directly with Outlook so you can view your bookings in your Outlook calendar. You are also able to update or cancel your bookings directly from Outlook.

Can you support SSO, and if so, which standards?2021-07-09T08:43:16+01:00

Yes, we support OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

If I have booked a desk but decide not to attend, what should I do?2021-07-09T08:35:33+01:00

The best thing to do would be to cancel your desk booking to allow other users to use the space. However, if a user doesn’t check into their desk booking, admins can enable a function to cancel the desk booking automatically after a period of time after the start of the booking.

How do I edit or cancel my bookings?2021-07-09T08:35:41+01:00

You can edit or cancel your bookings both within the UMA web or mobile application or within Outlook.

Do your information security and privacy policies align with industry standards?2021-07-09T08:42:36+01:00

AWS has certification for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, and 27018:2014

What format do you support for map digitisation?2021-07-09T08:05:56+01:00

UMA supports the following file types JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF with a maximum file size of 10mb per floor plan.

Where do you store my company’s data?2021-07-09T08:40:54+01:00

Data is held in our UK AWS data centre. The only data being held is full names and email addresses.

I need to be able to book desks and meeting rooms on the go.2021-07-09T08:35:49+01:00

With UMA you are able to book meeting room and desk resources using the voice assistant on our mobile application. Perfect for a touchless booking experience.

I need to restrict resources so only management can book them. Can this be achieved?2021-07-09T08:35:25+01:00

Resources can be restricted to only allow certain users to book them.

What type of mounts are available for the UMA booking panel?2021-07-09T08:38:06+01:00

The UMA booking panel can be wall mounted or glass mounted

Does UMA integrate with any instant messaging tools?2021-07-09T08:25:45+01:00

UMA has a Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams bot which can be used to book meeting rooms and desks using our chat assistant.

Will UMA allow me to monitor occupancy utilisation in my office?2021-07-09T08:22:11+01:00

Our dashboard view provides lots of data insights for monitoring occupancy in your company and also lets you understand occupancy at a building and floor level. Occupancy data can be gathered via calendar and/or sensor data.

How do I understand ‘No Shows’?2021-07-09T08:22:49+01:00

To understand no shows, UMA uses occupancy sensors and calendar data. No show data is available on the UMA dashboard as a chart that can be exported to CSV.

How do you monitor my on premise devices?2021-07-09T08:28:11+01:00

We would look to deploy our data collector as a virtual machine on your network. This will allow us to monitor any device you allow us to.

My business needs to be able to use contact tracing to keep employees safe.2021-07-09T08:16:46+01:00

UMA provides a contact tracing report that allows you to specify an employee and a date and it will cross reference with any other users that may have come into contact with that employee. Reports can be generated in PDF and CSV format.

How long does it take to upload a map to UMA?2021-07-09T08:07:00+01:00

We endeavour to digitise your floor plan and make it available for you within 48 hours.

I just want to view sensor data and not integrate with Office 365, can I still use UMA?2021-07-09T08:26:22+01:00

Yes, UMA can be deployed without a calendar integration for use cases such as sensor analytics or device management.

Can managers book desks on behalf of their team?2021-07-09T08:35:37+01:00

Yes, users can be assigned a ‘Manager’ role which will allow them to book desks for any users that are opted in to allow this functionality.

We need a solution that allows us to check social distancing between desks. Is this possible?2021-07-09T08:24:35+01:00

Admins can toggle on the social distancing feature on the floor map view to plan out which desks can be used dependent on health and safety guidelines. A slider can be used from 1m – 3m to determine which desks can be used.

How can I book a meeting room using UMA?2021-07-09T08:35:56+01:00

UMA allows you to book desks through our web and mobile application using a map view or through our digital assistant on the mobile app. Alongside this we have a booking panel that can be mounted to the wall outside your meeting room to display meeting information and show availability.

How do I provide a safe return to work for my employees?2021-07-09T08:02:02+01:00

UMA provides a full suite of functionality to help companies return to work safely whilst maximising productivity. From our social distancing tool, to the flexibility of booking resources for different types of users to our contact tracing report, we have everything covered for a safe return to the office.

I don’t want to put any sensor hardware on my corporate network.2021-07-09T08:39:53+01:00

We work with sensor manufacturers who utilise EnOcean and LoRaWAN frequencies to pass data to a gateway that can be connected to an LTE network before finally passing data to our application in the cloud.

Where is UMA hosted?2021-07-09T07:52:24+01:00

UMA is hosted in AWS in a London (UK) data centre

What kind of support do you offer?2021-07-09T08:26:49+01:00

We offer 9-5 Next Business Day support through email. However if you have a more urgent need we can work with you to understand your requirement.

What hardware does the UMA booking panel software support?2021-07-09T08:36:48+01:00

UMA supports most Android panels but we recommend using our own panel which comes with light bars and software preloaded.

How can I book a desk using UMA?2021-07-09T08:36:00+01:00

UMA allows you to book desks through our web and mobile application using a map view or through our digital assistant on the mobile app.

Is it possible to allow desk bookings for half a day as well as a full day?2021-07-09T08:35:45+01:00

Yes, you can enable this feature within the settings page for your company.

Do you offer a check in solution for desk bookings?2021-07-09T08:35:53+01:00

Our mobile application comes with a check in feature built in as standard. Users are able to check into their desk bookings up to an hour before their booking starts.

How does UMA integrate with Office 365?2021-07-09T08:23:38+01:00

UMA can integrate with Office 365 in two ways. Using Application access or Delegate access. Application access allows UMA to book and manage bookings on behalf of the user. Delegate access uses an O365 delegate account to book resources for the user but has limited functionality.

How do you encrypt my company’s data?2021-07-09T08:42:15+01:00

Our platform is encrypted using AES256 end to end. All data in transit and at rest is encrypted. We utilise the tools provided within AWS RDS.

How do I sync my O365 calendar with the UMA booking panel?2021-07-09T08:38:46+01:00

When you first sign into UMA, you can integrate Office 365 with your admin account. Once integrated, you just need to create a meeting room resource with the same email address as the O365 resource and add the booking panel to that resource and it will automatically sync the calendar information.

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