Digital Signage Solutions

Help Staff and visitors navigate your office space with ease

Set up a signage solution within minutes, all in your own branding using our secure WebApp function which allows any device to be used, all that is needed is a web browser!

Cisco Navigator
Booking Panels

Room Booking Display

  • Display room booking signage hardware with occupancy LED’s to quickly understand whether a space is occupied or not

  • Connect to your company O365 / Google Workspace to sync with the meeting room calendar

  • Brand your meeting room display with your company logo and colour palette

  • Use UMA’s room booking signage application on any browser or with your existing room booking displays such as iPads, Crestron, Cisco Navigator etc

  • Display occupancy and environmental data based on sensor data within the meeting room

  • Book for now or later using the room booking signage to allow people to book a meeting room by standing right in front of it

Office Map Display

  • Display an Interactive 2D version of your floor in reception to allow ad hoc booking and showcase live availability of desks and meeting rooms

  • Brand your office map display with your company logo and colour palette

  • Display air quality and temperature data to your employees to allow them to choose a space that suits their needs

  • Showcase the occupancy level of each floor or zone in your office based on calendar and sensor data

  • Book a desk or meeting room directly from the display using your own Office 365 or Google account

  • Help navigate to different areas of the building using a 2D and 3D visualisation of your office

WebEx Board UMA

Visitor Management Kiosk Signage

  • Allow a touch or touchless sign in for visitors using a kiosk or straight from a mobile device

  • Manage visitor access into your building in a safe and secure manner

  • Brand your visitor display with your company logo and colour palette
  • Check in / out of the office via the kiosk and automate notifications to the host of the visit
  • Display on any device with a Web Browser!

Occupancy Count Display

  • Integrated with people count sensors out of the box to provide the most accurate occupancy count in an area

  • Manage safe entry to a space by displaying occupancy vs capacity data on signage hardware

  • Utilise occupancy LED’s to understand when a space is over capacity

  • Use UMA’s occupancy signage application on any browser / any device or display to showcase space availability across your building

  • Brand your occupancy display with your company logo and text to help people understand why you are tracking occupancy in a space

  • See live and historic occupancy within UMA Vision

Occupancy Count Display

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